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Why should you choose MoniRemit?

 The Receiver Decision

Traditionally those who transfer money overseas choose options that best suit themselves,rather than the person they're sending money to. MoniRemit go beyond a money transfer scheme,

 Easy open an Account

Beleive it or not, you can register in 10 minutes with only your ID. Our system opens automatically an account to provide economic identity. Justify click on the signup page.

 Manage Your Money

Be on top of your money! Many people experience a lot of anxiety when they think about their financial lives, may look in the future.It can be a safe way to store money for short-term emergencies.

 Value Added Services

It is in our company’s DNA to continuously look for new technology and solutions to serve the market today and tomorrow. We are simplifying the financial world. It cover and enhance the operations of our clients.

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Our Values

Fostering access to financial service as a fundamental “human right” by providing an economic identity that is key to be part of the mainstream economy to allow every financial excluded person a fair chance to improve his/her economic condition and give his/her access to an array of financial services to build a track record."

The system shall provide its clients with branchless and mobile remitting capabilities to dynamically support money transferors, sending, and receiving parties on the go with smart and personalized options for cash in and out. From banking to unbanked.

MoniRemit solution seeks to craft a financial exclusion free money remittance ecosystem with more secure, cost-effective, easy to use, robust, fast, and limitless money transfers options.

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What can you do with MoniRemit?

MoniRemit is solution for everyone and it can perform many defference tasks according to the wish of the users.

Cash Deposits/Savings

Subscribers may load cash onto their “e-wallet” account by depositing equivalent cash at a MoniRemit authorised Agent or authorizing their bankers to transfer the cash from their actual bank account. The deposits could be savings for future use, in a similar manner as a “savings account” is operated at bank. MoniRemit can do that.

Cash Withdrawal

Customers may withdrawal cash from Authorised Agents. This cash may be a result of e-transfer from a MoniRemit subscriber or from any other source; for example, international remittance. The customer may use own phone handset to transact or use the MoniRemit POS located at the Agent, or simply use the Agent’s own phone.

Domestic transfers

Want to transfer money to friend/family without delay and without paying high bank charges? MobiSend is a convenient, instant and competitively priced national transfer product designed to facilitate the sharing of funds between family and friends,regardless of their geographical location. MoniRemit authorised Agents.

Payment services.

Everything in the area Payment Services revolves around cashless payment transactions.It provides the prerequisites for the acceptance and processing of any payments. With the latest terminals, secure payment solutions and supplemental services, MoniRemit ensures efficient payments at the Agency Banking outlet as well as the Internet.


Payment Solutions for Anyone

Are you looking out for a suitable online payment solution?. At MoniRemit, our primary goal is to offer a revolutionary e-wallet solution for merchants and consumers alike.Our mobile payments are empowered by an organically optimazed mobile version the wallet-enabling the ease of making payments and receiving funds from the other party. We extended our interactive range e-wallet payment solutions for everyone whether you are a merchant, customer, or a partner-sending and receiving payments is now made simple with instant, digital wallet solution. MoniRemit equalize opportunities and alleviate poverty.

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How does it work?

Efficient and inclusive financial systems, by allocating means to the most productive uses and providing financial opportunities to all

  • Register Account with wallet & Top Up Money to your account
  • Send & receive e-wallet funds through multiple channels in many countries within MoniRemit network.
  • Your funds will be transferred to your local bank account
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