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Here there is some question that is interested questions and their answers.

If you forgot the password go on the page of the register and click on the button of the "forget password" and put new password.
If you want to pull your money on your account go on your profile page and click on pull enter the amount of money you want to pull and how you want to withdraw then follow the process.
If you want to link your bank account to your account to on the settingthen on your profile page clieck to add my account,after entering your number of account it wil automatically be linked.
You will receive the SMS message on the your mobilephone that you entered when you were creating an account.
It is very possible to receive money wherever the you are even in the current you want to receive from.
If you are on your profile page you will see all transaction you made the date and time.
Yes ,you see the balance you have on your account.
It true,you can save your money on your account.
When you want to send money to person first your create account on behalf of his/her and then send money to that account.